New version 3 25/03/2018 : Miner V3 - Way more HR, Less CPU!

EggPool BISMUTH GPU Miner for Windows

Windows Miner for NVidia/AMD is now available

(but you may prefers Linux)

You need up to date NVidia or AMD drivers installed.
Windows Miner Download Link

1. Download

the install archive

2. Extract

on your rig

3. Edit

Bismuth.bat with your BIS address

4. Run


Detailled instructions

To be completed

0. Requirements

Windows, NVidia or AMD GPU.
Make sure to have latest drivers for your GPU cards installed.

1. Download and 2. Extract

get and extract the archive.

3. Edit

Edit bismuth.bat file.
Paste your address after -a
the line has to read like EggMinerGpuWin3.exe -a c270e5b5d1cdb9597d2440bb2d39fa8114da95db9fad1336bcdeb696

4. Run

Run Bismuth.bat
That's all, you are now mining Bismuth full speed with your GPUs


The archive comes with an "optimize.bat" script. See The full doc for more.


Your cards should be auto-tuned with the best params.
If you've got some old or specific GPU, let us now so we can tune and adjust.

Some candy

The miner uses by default a sha of your hostname as worker name, to give a unique worker name, but not leaking any info.
You can specify your worker name by adding an optional line miner_name=MyUniqueWorkerName in miner.txt.
Just take care, no space around the '=' sign.

What should I expect?

We're working on it, but you can check your card perfs with our Rentability Calculator.

Current Windows version

Miner version3.012
Released on2018-03-27
OS Windows
Looking for Linux Miner?
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