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Hashrate for various GPUs

Do not always trust competitors stating they are faster. Test by yourselves :D
Those hashrates are approximative and may be outdated.
By Hashrate, we mean really Sol/s, that is full solutions tested per second, including the various operations needed for each solution: nonce generation, hash, string matching, share validation, share sending...
GPUHR (MH/s) LegacyV2 Miner (MH/s)V3 Miner (MH/s)
GTX 1030140
GTX 1050
GTX 1050 Ti300350
GTX 1060 3G485615750
GTX 1060 6G550690850
GTX 10708101000
GTX 1070 Ti1035> 12001570
GTX 1080 1570
GTX 1080 Ti120019002200 to 2400