New version 4 2018-10-18: Improved Miner v4.0.100 - Upgrade required.


Our current GPU Miner prefers Linux (Ubuntu is tested and recommended). NVidia and AMD GPUs are supported

Windows Miner is now available Windows GPU Miner

You need up to date GPU drivers installed.
nvidia-387 (or later) or amdgpu-pro Linux Miner Download Link

1. Download

the install archive

2. Extract

on your rig

3. Edit

miner.cfg with your BIS address, check also

4. Run


Detailled instructions

To be completed


Mandatory upgrade to mine after the fork on 2018-10-08 New miner is there:
Doc will be updated later on.


DO NOT use the procedure below, old miner - To be updated

0. Requirements

Linux, NVidia GPU.
Install NVidia driver:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install htop screen nvidia-387
Then reboot.

Linux, AMD GPU.
Install AMD drivers:

I suppose you know how, I'm not an AMD guy.
Then reboot.

1. Download and 2. Extract

wget ****
tar -zxvf EggMinerGpuLin3012.tgz

3. Edit

cd EggMinerGpuLin3
cp miner.default.txt miner.txt
nano miner.txt
Edit the miner_address= line and paste your address.
do NOT add any space, the line has to read like miner_address=c270e5b5d1cdb9597d2440bb2d39fa8114da95db9fad1336bcdeb696
Just take care, no space around the '=' sign.
Note:The archive does not come with a miner.txt, so it wont delete your settings. But on first setup, you have to create that file, unless you want to mine for the default address (us).
Check also the miner address can also be specified by adding -a param to the command line.
Command line takes precedence over miner.txt, So edit too to replace your address or remove the -a demo param.

4. Run

That's all, you are now mining Bismuth full speed with your GPUs


The archive comes with an "" script. See The full doc for more.


You can run the miner in a screen command, so you can monitor from another machine.
You can launch it at startup.
Your cards should be auto-tuned with the best params.
If you've got some old or specific GPU, let us now so we can tune and adjust.

Some candy

The miner uses by default a sha of your hostname as worker name, to give a unique worker name, but not leaking any info.
You can add the -c flag to the miner (stands for clear), like ./EggMinerGpuLin3 -c, to use the real hostname instead.
You then have a unique worker name that can be your rig's name, no edit involved.
If you want more control, use -n switch instead, like this : ./EggMinerGpuLin3 -n MyUniqueWorkerName (of course, don't use "MyUniqueWorkerName", but a real unique name.
The same is achived with an optional line miner_name=MyUniqueWorkerName in miner.txt.
Just take care, no space around the '=' sign.

What should I expect?

We're working on it, but you can check your card perfs with our Rentability Calculator.

Current Linux version

Miner version4.0.100
Released on2018-10-18
OS Linux
Looking for Win Miner?