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Why would you choose us? We were the first public Bismuth GPU pool, fast and reliable.


Several pools all over the world


& Optimized GPU Miners AMD/Nvidia


And selects best pool in realtime

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Win or Linux, AMD or NVidia, State of the art Performance

We prefer Linux, but the choice of OS and hardware is yours. Always with state of the art perfs (2400MH/s on 1080Ti).
Don't frown at the fees: What counts is what YOU get in the end. Latest update alone gave about +16% more hash...

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Please note that at the current poool diff (94), you may wait a relatively long time to get a share and thus appear here, especially at the start of a round. This is normal and does not affect your earnings.

miner address

Pool Config

Pool Diff94
Pool Fees10%
Auto PayoutTwice a day
9h17, 21h17 UTC
Min. Payout1 BIS
Round Time1 Hour
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Current round stats

Current net Diff101.995
Found blocksxx
Total sharesxx
Est. reward per sharexx
Pool HR (GH/s)xxGH/s

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