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Miner 3072be2a2d244beb7426b671780216cb90df21fa8d092861f43022dc

BIS Balance ... Unpaid ... Immature
Active Workers ?? this round ?? last round
Hash Rate this round ?? GH/s
Shares this round ?? shares ?? last round

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Stats are now live (/5 min) your shares for each round will be paid about twice a day

Miner info

Min. Payout50BIS
Avg HR this round??GH/s
Avg HR last round??GH/s
Reward round n-2??BIS
Total Paid??BIS

More info

You can ask to lower your Min. payout down to 1BIS.
0.01 BIS transfer fee do apply to each payout.
1 Round = 1 hour long, display is delayed by 5 to 10 min.
Stats and info are resetted and not reliable at the begin of a round

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Payouts occurs about twice a day.