New version 4 Latest Improved Miner is v4.0.200 - more hash!!! see Latest release


Our current GPU Miner prefers Linux (Ubuntu is tested and recommended). NVidia and AMD GPUs are supported

Windows Miner is available Windows GPU Miner

You need up to date GPU drivers installed.
nvidia-387 (or later) or amdgpu-pro Linux Miner Download Link

1. Download

the install archive

2. Extract

on your rig

3. Edit

miner.cfg with your BIS address, check also

4. Run


Detailled LINUX instructions

Easy peasy
  • Install graphics card drivers. You can use "clinfo" command to make sure openCL is installed.
  • Download the miner , ex: wget
  • Extract the miner: tar -zxf EggPool-Lin-40200.tar.gz
  • Cd into to the folder: cd EggPool-Lin
  • Change miner address in miner.cfg
  • Run the miner ./eggminer, or the auto-restart script: ./
Once your miner has found at least 1 valid share, head over to the dashboard and check your address. Be patien, there can be some delay due to the data collection process on our distributed pools, but all shares are accounted for and will be paid.

miner.cfg config reference


New: ccminer like API

Add the following to the miner.cfg file:
miner_bind_address = ""
ccminer_bind_port = 4068

HiveOs - Eggminer 4.0.200 version.

HiveOs should come with the most recent tversion of eggpool miner.
If you want o install by a custom package, Custom package is
If you already had the previous version installed: Stop miner, then batch command
custom-get -f
Head over to our Offficial Discord channel for any help:

Current Linux version

Miner version4.0.200
Updated on2019-12-01
OS Linux
Looking for Win Miner?